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Who we are

We are a group of people coming from various backgrounds, and different countries, who used to work in completely different industries, all connected by two passions - good food and travel. Some of us love cooking, others love eating and all of us hate doing the dishes afterwards.

It turned out that before starting Chef Journeys we were pretty much doing the same thing on our vacations. We all traveled the world, explored local cultures, traditions and of course, local dishes. Nothing better than finding a small restaurant or a cafe, off the beaten path, filled with locals enjoying traditional dishes.

And that's our goal here at Chef Journeys - bring the best selection of traditional dishes from all over the world. Our Chef currently works in a 3 Michelin star restaurant in New York City and obviously shares our passion for food. He selects the best recipes and brings them to your table.

Special Dishes

We try our best to keep our prices as low as possible. That's why we have a very easy to understand model. However, sometimes, we come across dishes that require some hard to find and expensive ingredients or large quantities. In such cases, as a result, you may see an additional charge to your total order. Such dishes are marked with a special icon and notify you exactly how much will be added to the total. No hidden fees.

How we operate - Journeys

To bring you the most authentic experience our Chef travels the world, explores local culinary traditions and collects unique recipes. Recipes that would tell a story, meal that would make a journey. That’s why we call our meals Journeys.

Every Journey begins with selecting a destination. After choosing a country from the list, you start building a full 3 course meal - 1 appetizer, 1 salad and 1 main course. One Journey serves 2 and costs ONLY $29.95.

As we put a new pin on a map, our chef carefully handpicks a menu consisting of 3 appetizers, 3 salads, 3-4 main courses which is offered as a Prix Fixe. But remember, just like you cannot be in two places at the same time each Journey can only contain dishes from one specific country.


We try to revolutionize the current online pre-portioned meals delivery industry so we offer SAME DAY delivery. Place an order before 1 pm and receive your order the same day. And not only that... We have a widespread network of pick-up locations for your convenience so you can pick up your order on the way home. Pickup service is completely free of charge. Want the package delivered right to your door step? We do that too. Your order will be ready for pickup by 6pm or delivered to your home address by 7pm.

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