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It is no surprise that we started our Journey with Sweden.

Everyone heard of Sweden, but how much do you really know of this place? Chances are, not much. In fact have you ever dined in Swedish restaurant or tried Swedish cuisine?

We hope your Journey to Sweden will be a delicious experience and bring you joy.

A few words about Swedish cuisine

Sweden is a culinary nation shaped and presented by its countryside.

The sea gives the west and south coasts its shellfish, which are world-famous for their flavor; there are mussels and farmed oysters, and of course fresh fish caught daily. The great forests and wildernesses on the north offer not only peace and quiet, but also meats, berries, mushrooms and game – an ingredient that holds a very special place in Swedish cuisine.


Capital: Stockholm

Currency: Swedish Krona


Drink: Glögg - mulled wine with vodka or aquavit, dried fruit and nuts. Akvavit - liquor distilled from fermented grain or potatoes and flavored with spices and herbs, mainly caraway or dill

Weird holiday: Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon Bun Day) on October 4th.

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