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Why Mexico?

It's known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches, its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles, ancient ruins (like Teotihuacán and the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá), Spanish colonial-era towns, the largest pyramid, unique animals, incredibly diverse, rich and delicious cuisine.

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A few words about Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is one of the most versatile and diverse.

Over the centuries, traditional Mexican cuisine was heavily influenced by other nations. While the ingredients and cooking methods have changed over the course of history, the traditions have proven resilient, reflecting outside influences yet retaining distinct cultural characteristics. As you make your way around Mexico, you will notice how important and unique the cooking style is. Everything is completely natural yet incredibly rich in color and flavor, hence the spices that have a righteous kick.


Capital: Mexico City

Currency: Peso


Drink: Tequila - a regionally specific distilled beverage. Contrary to popular belief not made from cactus juice. It’s made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila. Being a trademark, the word “tequila” can’t be used by manufactures in other countries.

Weird holiday: Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead (November 1st-2nd). It’s celebrated to commemorate close ones, who passed away. The peculiar thing about this holiday is not the significance, but the execution. People in villages clean tombs, play cards and listen to the village bands...People in the cities have enormous parades, decorated altars, sugar skulls everywhere, kids dressed as skeletons.

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