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Why Indonesia?

We picked Indonesia not only because of its amazing, vibrant, colorful and very diverse cuisine, but also for the Komodo dragons (endemic species), perfect beaches, scuba diving and snorkeling (17,000 islands to choose from), Borobudur (largest Buddhist temple in the world), Mt. Butur (one of Bali’s beautiful volcanic cones), Orangutans (in wild throughout the rainforests of Borneo), spas (most amazing massages of your life), unique traditions and of course people - proud of their history, culture, wildlife and food. Friendly and welcoming with the biggest smiles on their faces they are always passionate about sharing their heritage with others.

A few words about Indonesian cuisine

One of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavor.

Highly diverse flavors as there are more than 300 ethnic groups calling Indonesia home with many regional cuisines often based upon indigenous culture and foreign influences


Capital: Jakarta

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah


Drink: Teh manis - sweet tea. Kopi tubruk - coffee mixed with sugar and hot water and poured straight in the glass without separating out the coffee residue

Weird holiday: Ma'nene festival - Cleaning of the Corpses' festival as skeletons are dug up, dressed and paraded in streets

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