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Why Argentina?

Argentina is a country with incredible and astonishing culture and heritage. Many things have originated here, many customs were built and adopted. It’s no surprise that Argentina’s extremely rich and varied culinary history has evolved to incorporate Spanish, Italian, French and English as well as indigenous traditions. Still, there are many locally created original recipes. There is so much to share, we couldn’t pass this opportunity by.

A few words about Argentine cuisine

It’s no secret that Argentines are big meat eaters.

Not only do they eat more than their weight, but they also have some of the best beef in the world. Grass-fed free-range beef is not a privileged choice there, it’s the only way. Isn’t that amazing?


Capital: Buenos Aires

Currency: Argentine Peso


Drink: Mate - herbal drink made from infusing yerba mate (dried tea leaves) in a gourd and drinking it through a bombilla (metal straw with a sieve at the end).

Weird holiday: El Día del Amigo (Friend’s Day) celebrated on July 20th. It was founded by Dr. Febbraro, an Argentine dentist and philosopher, after he felt connected to everyone on Earth following the Apollo 11 moon landing.

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